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I am trying to write a JavaScript function that will open my extension like when the extension icon is clicked. I know how to open my extension in a new tab:

var url = "chrome-extension://kelodmiboakdjlbcdfoceeiafckgojel/login.html";

But I want to open a pop-up in the upper right corner of the browser, like when the extension icon is clicked.

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I think that this cannot be done - Chrome only allows extension pop-ups to be opened by a user action. –  Wladimir Palant May 7 '12 at 10:14
oh.Thank you ~~ –  Yuqing Huang May 8 '12 at 1:34

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The Chromium dev team has explicitly said they will not enable this functionality. See Feature request: open extension popup bubble programmatically :

The philosophy for browser and page action popups is that they must be triggered by user action. Our suggestion is to use the new html notifications feature...

Desktop notifications can be used progammatically to present the user with a small HTML page much like your popup. It's not a perfect substitution, but it might provide the type of functionality you need.

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Short answer is that you cannot open browserAction programmatically. But you can create a dialog with your content script which emulates your browserAction and display that isntead (programmatically). However you won't be able to access your extension's background page from this popup directly as you can from your popup.html. You will have to pass message instead to your extension.

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