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I am using Wabler gem to generate the war file for our Ruby on Rails application. By default, it generates a WAR file named the Rails project home directory name by default.

I would like to know if it is possible to specify custom war file name instead of the default project home directory name.

Thanks Noman A.

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Found answer to my question, so sharing with all who might need it.

File to modify:


For our application, this resides inside [project_dir]/config/

This file would have a section like: do |config|

Add the following line to specify custom war/jar file name (without extension):

 config.jar_name = "testname"

So, the segment would look like: do |config|
   config.jar_name = "testname" 

Note: The "...." shown above are not part of the actual configuration, I have replaced original values for example purpose.

Now, when I run warble war/ rake war, it generates war file as "testname.war"

Hope this might help another newbie like me!


Noman A.

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Add config/warble.rb file. do |config|
  config.war_name = "test_war_name"

Edit: config.war_name is deprecated, see logged here

# Deprecated
def war_name
  $stderr.puts "config.war_name deprecated; replace with config.jar_name" #:nocov:
  jar_name                  #:nocov:

Use the following: do |config|
  config.jar_name = "test_war_name"
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