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I want to apply pagination on two tables.


Id    Message         Created at
1     Message One     2012-04-23 13:11:23
2     Message Two     2012-04-23 13:11:26
3     Message Three   2012-04-23 13:11:27


Id    Comment         Created at
1     Comment One     2012-04-23 13:11:24
2     Comment Two     2012-04-23 13:11:25
3     Comment Three   2012-04-23 13:11:28

I want following result (Two latest bids or messages) using one query

   Id    Content         Created at
    3     Comment Three   2012-04-23 13:11:28
    3     Message Three   2012-04-23 13:11:27
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Google: "Pagination in Rails" You're flooded with options! –  Aayush Kumar May 7 '12 at 9:41
Also, numerous duplicates! stackoverflow.com/search?q=pagination+rails –  Aayush Kumar May 7 '12 at 9:42
@Aayush Kumar:- There are some parameters like query optimization.... I am not fool asking such a simple question......you mean if i want to show 2 latest from 1000 messages and 1000 bids then i need to fetch 2000 records and then apply pagination???.......I dont want to pull all the bids, all the messages and then apply pagination on it...... –  Salil May 7 '12 at 10:02
Rather than asking such a broad and open question, perhaps, it would be better for all of us if you tell us what exactly you've tried, what you want - what worked and what didn't for you? –  Aayush Kumar May 7 '12 at 10:04
I think whatever i mentioned in question is enough to understand what i want......please read it carefully.....and if still you don't get it, i am sorry i don't explain any better than this.....also i expecting someone will answer my question and meanwhile if i get i answer i do post here.. –  Salil May 7 '12 at 10:16

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There is this wonderful gem called will_paginate. Im using it in my app.

Watch this railscast to know how to install them. Its very easy and great.


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Taking a step back, may I ask why you need two separate tables for Messages and Bids. To me, both look like they store some form of text notification. I guess you should be using Single Table Inheritance or Polymorphic association (in case, there would be other business logic coming in the future).

Please check out this blog to know more.

I think this very requirement that your pagination is spanning across two tables is a design smell. I don't have the full context and I am not sure if you have the liberty of changing the design now. But, just a thought!

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Whatever given in the question is not my real database structure.....there are 5 more columns in each of the table......I know Polymorphisom.....but here in this case i cant use Polymorphisom –  Salil May 7 '12 at 10:21

First thing first, paginating record from multiple tables is a code smell.

Still if you want to go with this BAD approach, following code might be helpful for you:

records = [Message, Comment, Post].inject([]) do |record, with_class|
  record+with_class.order('created_at DESC')#you can add limit, offset here

#Now paginate those records

@records = WillPaginate::Collection.create(current_page, per_page, records.size) do         |pager|
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