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Trying to create a prayer time app for prayertimes in Oslo. I have a XML file located in the app. What i want to do: Based on month and the day, get value for morning prayer, evening prayer and so on.

I want one value at a time, and show it in a textblock. how do i do it? I am currently getting the info in a listBox but i rather want the single value to be shown in a textblock. Or should i use some other thing?

public class PrayerTime
   public string Fajr { get; set; }
   public string Sunrise { get; set; }


To get the value:

XDocument loadedCustomData = XDocument.Load("WimPrayerTime.xml");
var filteredData = from c in loadedCustomData.Descendants("PrayerTime")
       where c.Attribute("Day").Value == myDay.Day.ToString()
       && c.Attribute("Moth").Value == myDay.Month.ToString()

        select new PrayerTime()
                Fajr = c.Attribute("Fajr").Value,
                 Soloppgang = c.Attribute("Soloppgang").Value,
listBox1.ItemsSource = filteredData;

Also i want to know how best the XML should be set up for this purpose.

Like this:


Or like this:

Day ="1" 
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 yourTextBox.Text = filteredData.First().Fajr;

As to know whether it's best to put information in a XML file as attributes or nodes, that's a recurrent question with no definite answer. In most cases, it's just a matter of taste.

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That did it. Thanks :) – Megaoctane May 7 '12 at 14:42

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