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This may sound like a simple question, but I just cannot seem to find an answer on google, probably because the search term will bring back quite a lot of irrelevance.

I would like a jQuery selector to select all odd table rows, that are not in <thead> and apply a css class to them all.

table.cp-ss-grid tr:odd

The above selector will bring back all odd rows in the table correctly, but will include the thead rows (on ie)

How would I in the selector do an and, i.e. something like:

table.cp-ss-grid tr:odd:not(thead)

the above doesn't work and still brings back the thead rows

Any ideas?

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Why not do:

$('table.cp-ss-grid > tbody > tr:odd');

To explicitly select the body rows? All browsers will add a tbody for you if you don't have one.

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NB: Browsers will add tbody for HTML but not for XHTML. (XHTML served as text/html counts as HTML - one more reason why its a bad idea to do that) – Quentin Jun 26 '09 at 8:49

An AND selector for jQuery would be for example: .classA.classB

This would select elements which have classA and classB.

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if you use th to head and td to other rows , you can check that the have child of td,

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table.cp-ss-grid tr:odd select all the odd rowb which will not include the header

if you want to specify a color of the header use :nth-child(n)

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