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I'm trying to make 301 redirect via htaccess

Redirect 301 /page_one http://site.com/

But this code also redirects every children link of /page_one

For example it also redirects site.com/page_one/article to site.com/article

How to make 301 redirect exactly from /page_one to site.com/ ?

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The Redirect directive uses prefix matching as illustrated in the following example:

Redirect /service http://foo2.bar.com/service

If the client requests http://myserver/service/foo.txt, it will be told to access http://foo2.bar.com/service/foo.txt instead.

Try using RedirectMatch:

RedirectMatch 302 ^/page_one$ http://site.com

Change 302 to 301 after testing. And may be you need to remove the trailing /.

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