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There are many social widgets: "like" button from Facebook,"+1" from Google and so on.

There is stats of social widgets usage on sites.

Does anyone has the stats about the percent of users which use social widgets? If the percent is low than 1% so is it good to show social widgets to another 99% of visitors? If user want to share some page, he can just copy the url-address and paste it to the social network's page.

social networks

Positive aspects of social widgets:

  • if someone will click on some social widget so all his friends on social network will see the link to the shared page;

Negative aspects:

  • increase time of pageload;
  • adding extra elements to the page creates visual noise and detracts some attention from main content;
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It purely Depends on the Content u use in your Websites.If your Website is containing Photos then you get lots of likes.If your Website is Interesting and knowledgable,you get lots of shares.So It depends on the CONTENT in the Website and Placement of your Social WIDGETS.

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The question asks for statistics on how many people use social widgets. Your post does not answer the question. –  David Gorsline May 7 '12 at 16:59
No one knows the correct statistics –  vishnu May 7 '12 at 17:20

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