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I am doing a site to be viewed from mobile. I've done a spinning wheel in it.

In desktop browser the spinning wheel has an appropriate speed but in mobile browser the wheel rotation is too slow.

How can i tackle this problem.

I got the spinning wheel from the site:


I have uploaded the spinning wheel:


The jsFiddle to playwith is in here:


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This can hardly be fixed by code. Mobiles are simply not such powerful devices and rendering something like your spinning wheel can take up twice as long as it would on a desktop pc. –  Pieter888 May 7 '12 at 11:38
I have added the jsFiddle to the question. –  fguillen May 7 '12 at 11:48

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I searched your spinWheel and you can change the speed by modifying in spin function the parameter: spinAngleStart (found in jquery.spinwheel.js).

spin: function() {
    spinAngleStart = 200; // rotations
    spinTime = 0;
    spinTimeTotal = 5000; // time in ms

this will spin the wheel 200 times in 5 seconds

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While Mihai's answer is correct in terms of altering the speed, it you have encountered one of the same issues that I had when creating a spinning prize wheel.

The reason why the wheel spins at the "appropriate" speed on a desktop machine and slower in a mobile browser is to do with the speed at which the device can run JavaScript. The phone has less CPU etc grunt that a desktop PC which is why it is slower.

The issue is that the animation loop that rotates the wheel just sets a timer (setTimeout) to call the function every 30ms or so. While the desktop PC can deal with this, doing all the computing in the spin function before the next call to the function, the phone cannot so it takes longer for it to complete all the rotations.

In order to get the best performance for all devices the code needs to change to do Frames Per Second animation in conjunction with using the requestAnimationFrame() function.

I have not had a chance to fully learn about this yet and implement for the wheel on my site but there are tutorials and books around that teach about this. If you are interested in a spinning prize wheel solution please feel welcome to visit my site - http://www.dougtesting.net

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