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I want to know the root of the application both system eg. /var/www/app/ or /app/ for the purposes of file uploads. When I upload, I believe I need the "system" directory name, for use to links in web front end, I need the "relative" path. How do I get this information?

In a previous project, I defined constants in the app*.php files (front controller)

define('APP_ROOT', __DIR__);

Wonder if theres a better way?

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In any ContainerAware class you can get location of web directory by,

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hmm ... I'm in my Doctrine model tho ... I guess I'll just use my old method. I should keep this in mind tho. –  Jiew Meng May 7 '12 at 13:48
Shouldn't it be a good practice to use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR as opposed to '/' for defining various paths, in case the project might be hosted on a windows environment? –  Biggie Mac Dec 18 '13 at 10:17

If the container is not available, you can use dependency injection: set %kernel.root_dir% as an argument to your class in the service configuration.

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