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I started building my expert system from generating decision tree like this: decision tree:

I used PC-Shell to build expert system, main code looks like:

result=e IF a>20, b=yes;
result=f IF a>20, b=no;
result=c IF a==20;
result=g IF a<20, d="is dry"; 


So where is artificial intelligence in this? Doesn't it works like text based game where you answers and in the end you've got result? And how in this example will work inference (forward and backward)?

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Yes, this is AI, Good Old Fashion AI (GOFAI). And more specifically a knowledge base, which can act as an expert system; the Wikipedia article on expert systems contains a similar example:

  • IF it is living THEN it is mortal
  • IF his age = known THEN his year of birth = date of today - his age in years
  • IF the identity of the germ is not known with certainty AND the germ is gram-positive AND the morphology of the organism is "rod" AND the germ is aerobic THEN there is a strong probability (0.8) that the germ is of type enterobacteriacae

It is similar to text-based games in its working, and the inference is in the deduction of the value of "result" from the values of "a", "b", and "d".

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