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Working with Philips 19" I upgraded the XCode to ver.4.3.2. The problem is: with new "Retina Display" on IPad3 (oh, sorry, on The New IPad) my IPad simulator changed it's resolution, and now I have simulator with vertical and horizontal scrolls!

Can you tell me how to solve the problem and change the resolution?

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The hotkeys Command+1, Command+2 and Command+3 will allow you to switch between 100%, 75% and 50% scale.

Look at menu: "Window --> Scale" to see the options.

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You can enable the retina display using - Hardware -> Device -> iPad

You can press cmd + 1 or cmd + 2 or cmd + 3 to change the size of the simulator. It will load the retina images but use a smaller simulator so you don't have to scroll for your testing.

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In the menu bar:

Hardware -> Device -> iPad

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