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Can anyone help me in creating a table(grid layout) using closure Libray? Is there any widget available for it? I searched but din't find any! Please Help

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As of May 2012, the Closure Library does not provide a table/grid layout component.

There is a table sorter (see demo), but it only decorates traditional HTML tables.

You might also want to take a look at the Visualization Table, which is part of Google Chart Tools.

See the discussion on support for table/grid components in the Closure Library.

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Grid written in Google Closure - http://dekajp.github.io/demos/index.html

Source : https://github.com/dekajp/google-closure-grid

  • Data Virtualization ~ 100,000 Rows
  • Alternate Row Highlight
  • Active Cell and Active Row Highlight
  • Sorting
  • Column Resizing & Move
  • Paging
  • Editing
  • Frozen Columns
  • Subgrid / Hierarchical Display

disclaimer : I am author of this grid . The code is currently under active development.

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