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I'm using jpa 2.0 and I have the following entity:

public class Folder{

    private Set<String> files;      
    // .....

Given a file name, I would like to delete all entries where files == theGivenFileName. In sql it would be something like this:

Delete from folder_files where files = XXX

Is there a way to perform this query using criteria-api? If not, is there a way to perform this query using jpql?

UPDATE: I think my question was not clear enough: Since jpql uses entities (and not tables) I cannot just perform the sql written above plus since I'm using @ElementCollection I don't know how to address this variablr or even deal with it. I would like to delete all entries in that collection (in my case, the files set) which holds a given value, from all entities. Is that possible using jpql or (even better) criteria-api?

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You can use the like query just the syntax is slightly changed.

query = em.createQuery("SELECT i FROM Item i WHERE UPPER(i.name) LIKE :keyword ");
query.setParameter("keyword", "%" + keyword.toUpperCase() + "%");

You can read more on following link,



@Noam you can do it: Like in Criteria API

List cats = sess.createCriteria(Cat.class)
    .add( Restrictions.like("name", "Fritz%") )
    .add( Restrictions.between("weight", minWeight, maxWeight) )

Kindly read more on it at following link:



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Thanks for the reply - but do you know how to perform it using criteria-api? –  Noam May 7 '12 at 12:53
I've updated my question. Please take a look, and I would happy if you could still help me. –  Noam May 7 '12 at 13:42

The Delete FROM clause requires an Entity, so there is no way to delete from an element collection from what I understand.

You can use a native SQL query, or you can map the element collection as a OneToMany to an Entity instead.

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thanks for the reply. Why do you think there is no way of using jpql? can you give me a reference that will support that? BTW - I've update my quesion. –  Noam May 7 '12 at 13:47

This cannot be done. Via JPQL it does not work because DELETE statement can only be applied to entities. Excerpt from JPA 2.0 specification:

Bulk update and delete operations apply to entities of a single entity class (together with its subclasses,if any).
delete_statement ::= delete_clause [where_clause]
delete_clause ::= DELETE FROM entity_name [[AS] identification_variable]

Also it doesn't work via Criteria API. CriteriaQuery supports only selecting - not updates or removals.

You have to go for native SQL.

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