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I am trying to display images with sliding effects(top to bottom of the page) one by one in to on page load. After going through so many sites I did not get any plug-in related to this functionality. Here is the example link of what i exactly want http://kyan.com/ Here when you click on the next arrow link, it would at first slide up existing images then I slide down new images. I wants the same functionality as working on http://kyan.com/, but I have to slide image one by one only at page load(no any next prev link).

If any one know such related plug-in name, then plz let me know the name of it? Or is there any custom code you have regarding this.

Thanks in advance for advice/suggestions.

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Please check this site jquery custom jquery Animation modifying this code will help..

hope this helps

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hi, The script was very nice, but I does't resolve my problem. Well Thx for the reply :) –  user1379674 May 8 '12 at 13:01

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