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This should be relatively straight forward however I'm being swamped in SQL information whenever I search for help with this.

Basically I have 3 classes and they each generate a number and I want to get the total number at the end. Is there a way to make a variable which all 3 classes can add to without generating a SQLite Database?


  • Page1.java creates 5 -> adds to Total

  • Page2.java creates 12 -> adds to Total

  • Page3.java creates 10 -> adds to Total

  • Page4.java opens total

Like I said, its likely a simple problem but SQLite is dominating my searches.

Hope you can help, Thanks.

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What is your context here? Are they running within the same app? Can instances of the 3 classes be accessed from a common place? –  musaul May 7 '12 at 12:33

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You can use a static variable for that. If you don't care about encapsulation you could even use one single public static variable for this purpose.


private static int mCounter = 0;

public static void addToCounter(int i)
    mCounter += i;

public static int getCount()
    return mCounter;
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Eclipse has a problem with every thing and it's fix is to rename everything so nothing is linked. I am still getting to grips with Java and i have no idea how i could implement this over multiple pages. –  Chris Moore May 7 '12 at 15:45
Sorted, Thanks alot! –  Chris Moore May 7 '12 at 22:20

What you could do would be to have a private value, say, private int count in each of your class and its respective getter. You would then also have a method in each class, say, public void doSomething(){... count = ...}.

Once you have all these, in Page4 you could do something like:

public class Page4 { Page1 pg1 = new Page1(); Page2 pg2 = new Page2(); Page3 pg3 = new Page3();


 int total = pg1.getCount() + pg2.getCount() + pg3.getCount();


On the other hand, you could pass in an integer variable to the class which gets modified and passed on to the next class.

You could also pass in a reference to some class which contains the actual counter, and once that each class (Page1, Page2...) has finished doing what it needs it would simply reference that class and update the value itself.

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It's not that clear how you call your classes.

However if you have just 3 simple classes and one place to call the classes you could pass your variable between the classes and add the values to it.

public class Page1 {

  public void addToVariable(int var) {
    var = var + 5;

public class Page2 {

  public void addToVariable(int var) {
    var = var + 12;

And then call the class methods with your variable:

int yourVariable = 0;
Page1 p1 = new Page1();
Page2 p2 = new Page2();


yourVariable will hold the total you're looking for.

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