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I just want to set the Header text of every column dynamically.


|    ROW 1 
|    ROW 2

I need to set Header1,Header2,Header3 dynamically. For ex.

final TextColumn<Contacts> nameColumn = new TextColumn<Contacts>() {

        public String getValue(Contacts contact) {
            return contact.name();
cellTable.addColumn(nameColumn, contact.city());

Like this (contact.city()) i've to set the Header text from the Server response.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance, Gnik

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I achieved it by the following code. Let us consider List<Contacts> return from the server.

where response is List<Contacts>

      for (Contacts contact : response) {
           final String name = contact.getName();
           final TextColumn<Contacts> addressColumn = new TextColumn<Contacts>() {

            public String getValue(Contacts object) {
                return name;

        cellTable.addColumn(addressColumn, contact.getCity());

Regards, Gnik

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