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i have a jsp where i have added a logo. on click/on mouse hover of the logo, i need to display popup window (or tool tip) and display some text in it. the text to be displayed will be retrieved from the application context. How can i achieve it? Please help me.

        <td align="center" class="bgimg">
            <img src="images/someLogo.gif"/>


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If your value is set in application context use this:

<img src="images/someLogo.gif" title="<%=application.getAttribute("YOUR_VAR_NAME")%>"/> 


<img src="images/someLogo.gif" alt="<%=application.getAttribute("YOUR_VAR_NAME")%>"/> 
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hi mahmood thanks for your reply. If i want to display the same in pop window than tool tip, is it possible? Thanks. –  user1016403 May 7 '12 at 13:39

First retrieve tool tip text into a variable and use it in img title attribute.

<img src="images/someLogo.gif" title="${tooltipText}"/>  

on mouseover, title text is displayed as tool tip.

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