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I am using this method to get the device free space(found it in web):

float freeSpace = 0.0f;  
NSError *error = nil;  
NSDictionary *dictionary = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] attributesOfFileSystemForPath:kSongsFolder error: &error];  

if (dictionary) {  
    NSNumber *fileSystemFreeSizeInBytes = [dictionary objectForKey: NSFileSystemFreeSize];  
    freeSpace = [fileSystemFreeSizeInBytes floatValue];  
} else { 
    //Handle error
return freeSpace/1024; 


now i get from this method 8687616.0 and when i check in the device properties i have a 8.1 GB free.

how can i get the free space in MB? and did this method good,because there is a different between them.

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fileSystemFreeSizeInBytes/(1024 * 1024) gives you size in MB
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the size is in KB, you will have to devide it once more by 1024. and if you need it in GB then again devide by 1024

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