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I am developing a Module in magento which displays products in the Database. I have to display it all on the Home Page. To achieve this, I have to use Inheritance in my module development.

As I am a beginner to Magento, Kindly suggest me the code or some useful link so that i am able to understand all the concepts of Magento( such as Inheritance) and will try to develop adavanced Modules in Magento..

Awaiting for a positive response.. Thanks in adavance!!!

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doh, start from magento knowledge base then –  Anton S May 7 '12 at 13:29
Can u refer some online code .. or some video tutorials –  Vikrant 33 May 7 '12 at 13:52
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Magento is based on the mvc model and it uses object oriented programming heavily (inheritance being part of OO). You really need to go back to basics and study object oriented programming. If you want to get stuck straight in then read everything Alan Storm has ever written.

That will set you on your way.


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