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I have a big list of rules in Mathematica, but I want to select the item that corresponds to certain criteria. Although I've been trying to use the Select and Take commands, I have been unable to get the desired output..

Example: Suppose I want to select the item from the list where A->1.2.


The desired output would be {A->1.2,B->2.7,C->5.7}

I know it is possible to select items from lists, based on their value. But how do I do it from a list of rules?


EDIT: apparently, Cases does the trick:

Cases[list, {A-> # | A-> Rationalize[#], Rule[_, _] ..}] & /@ {1.2}

This also searches for numbers in rational and non-rational form, which was another problem I found.

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It might be worth checking out the beta site: for future Mathematica questions. –  Hooked May 7 '12 at 13:59
Hi Sosi, if you like Perl and mathematics you will love PDL :-) –  G. Cito Apr 1 '14 at 13:53
@G.Cito wow that is very nice!!! thanks so much! –  Sosi Apr 1 '14 at 14:24

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"The desired output would be {A->1.2,B->2.7,C->5.7}" So the above answers should be flattened :)

Cases[N@mylist, {___, A -> 1.2, ___}] // Flatten

Use N to translate things like 6/5 into 1.2.

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One possibility is to use Select

For example

Select[mylist, MemberQ[#, A -> 1] &]


(* {{A -> 1, B -> 2.1, C -> 5.2}}*)

Other examples;

Select[mylist, MemberQ[#, A -> 1.1 |  1.2] &]

 MemberQ[#, A -> 1.1 |  1.2 | 1.3] && FreeQ[#, C -> 6.1] &]
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An alternative:

Select[list, A == 1.2 /. # &]

The advantage of this solution is that it uses Equal instead of MatchQ (or equivalent). 1.2 == 6/5 gives True (comparison in the mathematical sense) while MatchQ[1.2, 6/5] gives False (structural comparison). Of course it's always possible to do MatchQ[1.2, x_ /; x == 6/5] to work around this.

Also, this solution ignores the order of rules in the lists.

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Thanks! Indeed, using your suggestion avoids having to include Rationalize. Yet, I am still to understand how having Equal under the criteria of Select allows finding rules. –  Sosi May 10 '12 at 15:01
@SosiKun Look up ReplaceAll in the docs. I used the /. operator to substitute A with whatever is in the rule. –  Szabolcs May 10 '12 at 15:04

Or use Cases:

Cases[list, {A -> 1.2, ___}]

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Indeed, i tried cases and it worked greatly! –  Sosi May 7 '12 at 14:06

Another one:

Pick[#, A /. #, 1.2]& @ list
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