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Does a plugin exist which provides these text objects for Django templates? For example, in HTML/XML if I have the following text

<p>This is some text.<p>

and my cursor is positioned anywhere inside the tags, I can use cit to change the text inside the tags. I'm looking for something similar for Django templates. For example, with the text

{% block title %}This is the title{% endblock %}

I'd like the same behavior. If nothing exists, any vimscripters out there know if this is possible and willing to give some hints?


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@RandyMorris Thanks for the links –  Michael Mior May 7 '12 at 15:03
@RandyMorris Cleaning up old questions. Could you post that as an answer? It's the closest I have to a solution. –  Michael Mior Nov 24 '12 at 5:21
Done, and thank you for revisiting old questions. We need more like you. –  Randy Morris Nov 25 '12 at 0:06

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You're probably going to have to write your own text-object for this. See textobj-rubyblock and vim-indent-object for examples of how to accomplish this.

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Thanks Randy! Haven't gotten around to doing this, but if I do, I'll post here. –  Michael Mior Nov 25 '12 at 3:14

Have a look on the official Django documentation. There is a "Using Vim with Django" section.


and a surround mapping part.

Here is an extract :

let b:surround_{char2nr("v")} = "{{ \r }}"
let b:surround_{char2nr("{")} = "{{ \r }}"
let b:surround_{char2nr("%")} = "{% \r %}"
let b:surround_{char2nr("b")} = "{% block \1block name: \1 %}\r{% endblock \1\1 %}"
let b:surround_{char2nr("i")} = "{% if \1condition: \1 %}\r{% endif %}"
let b:surround_{char2nr("w")} = "{% with \1with: \1 %}\r{% endwith %}"
let b:surround_{char2nr("f")} = "{% for \1for loop: \1 %}\r{% endfor %}"
let b:surround_{char2nr("c")} = "{% comment %}\r{% endcomment %}"

Put the above in ~/.vim/ftplugin/htmldjango.vim.

Examples in visual mode (select some text first):

  • type Sv or S{ for a variable
  • type Sb for a block
  • type Si for an if statement
  • type Sw for a with statement
  • type Sc for a comment
  • type Sf for a for statement
  • type S% for other template tags

PS : another possibility is the use of eclim (vim + eclipse) which supports Django project and template editing http://eclim.org/vim/python/django.html but that's a lot heavier.

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Yes. I've seen this before, but this what I was asking about. Still nice though. Thanks :) –  Michael Mior May 7 '12 at 14:09

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