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I am looking at the fonts on iosfonts.com with my iPad 5.1 and Mac OS X Lion Safari, which I understand to be a complete list of installed fonts in iOS. I am interested in using the Latin characters of AppleColorEmoji, because it appears to be a monospace font, which are very rare in iOS. However, AppleColorEmoji and a few other fonts are not displaying on the iPad (seems to be defaulting to Arial).

Is it possible to use AppleColorEmoji as a monospace CSS font in iOS Safari?

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No. The emoji keyboard is just some Extended Unicode characters that start around 2500+

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So you're saying the iOS version AppleColorEmoji font has had the Latin characters stripped? iosfonts.com has used it in css and it is showing the name characters/glyphs in non- browser default font, where are they coming from? –  Machine Elf May 7 '12 at 16:09
No. Why I am saying is that if you view ☺ on a computer, you will see the white smiley face. On an iPod, you will see the blushing smiley. The color emoji is just image replacements for glyphs –  Cole Johnson May 7 '12 at 22:37

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