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I have forked a project with many branches. Two branches in particular interest me.


I have introduced a new file, 'newfile.source' and changes to a file 'existingfile.source' that exists in both branches. I want to synchronize the changes I make in newfile and existingfile between both branches.

The way I model this in my head is something like this:

commit -- commit -- commit -- commit -- commit -- commit -- commit -- 2.2.x
                             -- commit -- 1.8.x

I want to have a structure (branch but only consisting of the changes to existingfile and newfile) that I can make changes to and merge into 1.8.x and 2.2.x:

nothing -- custom_changes -- nothing

and then do something like:

git checkout 2.2.x
git merge custom_changes
git checkout 1.8.x
git merge custom_changes
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Just commit it to one branch (like usual). I would prefer the newer one (2.2.x) here. Then switch to the old branch (1.8.x) and "backport" the commit using cherry-pick

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Wow, git is so cool. Thanks! –  Mack May 7 '12 at 14:43

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