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I have an import which imports data into a staging table. Once the data is inserted in to staging it is moved to either Main table or the error table depending on the data. For example Name field is a text fields with length 25. If the record is having name more than 25 characters the data is moved to error table.

Currently the VBA logic tries to move the data from Staging to Main table and if it fails (coz of primary key violation or missing data for a mndatory field) the record is moved to error table.

Problem is for data which exceed the maximum length of the field. I was hoping that when data is moved from staging to Main table and data exceeds the text field length the insert SQl will fail. Instead access truncates the data and inserts it in to main table.

Is there something which stops access from auto truncating data when an insert is attempted?

Regards Dev

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Welcome to stack overflow! You mention VBA logic checking for PK's and mandatory data, is this code you have written or are you referring to the table level validation. If it is your own code then you can simply add in another condition using the Len() command to check the field's in question length. –  Matt Donnan May 8 '12 at 8:20
I am using the table level validation. I try to move data from staging to Main table and catch the error. If the insert fails I run insert to move data from Staging to Error table. I can add VBA code to check the length but wanted to know if it can be done through table level validation. I have about 20 fields and would be easy to get it done automatically. I need validation when adding data to staging and when data is moved from staging to main. Criteria for both is different. E.g. Name could be of length 50 to enter into staging table but need to be be less than 25 to enter in to Main. –  Dev May 8 '12 at 8:58
I'm not sure whether this auto-feature of Access can be disabled or not, I always tended to avoid table level validation and go for a custom vb approach. –  Matt Donnan May 9 '12 at 8:52

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