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When I change the height of a page so that the vertical scrollbar appears, a div element on the page stretches out and a blank block appears at the bottom of the page. The current site is here:


What should I do to stop this resizing of the div? Should I just disable the vertical scrollbar altogether?

For posterity, I've added a few screen shots.

Without scrollbar: enter image description here

With scrollbar: enter image description here

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This is your culprit within the /assets/application-67b0f50f40b31242c0515ffd40544866.css file the @media-queries css kicks in at a certain screen height.

@media screen and (max-height: 855px)
    div#wrapper div.container div.sign-up {
    margin-top: 271px;

find this line and take out the margin-top: 271px; and you should see the extra spacing disappear. You won't need to disable the scrollbar. I hope this helps.

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Perfect, thanks! I inherited this code and I'm still ramping up on the more advanced aspects of CSS. Time to go read up on @media. ;-) –  Javid Jamae May 7 '12 at 20:59

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