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I am using ActiveJDBC in one of my projects and today I ran into a nasty problem.

Concurrent requests to my application will fail, because ActiveJDBC tries to get multiple connections from pool with the same name "default".

There seems to be a possibility to open connection with different name, so instead of writing:

one would write:

new DB("someRandomName").open(JNDI_NAME);

BUT... when trying to get some data from database, there is a problem: ActiveJDBC searches for connection "default" (or @DbName annotation from model class) - as I understand, this concept is used to handle multiple databases (not multiple connections).

I really don't want to replace ActiveJDBC, because thousands of lines of code is written - any ideas?

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Ideas exist:) In your code, you have:

new DB("someRandomName").open(JNDI_NAME);

..but the string you pass to constructor of class DB is not some random string, and not JNDI name. It is a logical name of a database. You properly guessed that this has to to with access to multiple database access. Here is the doc explaining this:

If you only have one database in your system, you do not even need a class DB, simply use Base: It will ensure that database connections will have a name "default" - something your models expect


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