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I could not find Quick Watch in visual studio 2010 express. Do we only have the option for watch option and not quick watch in express editions?

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No, the Quickwatch feature is not available in Express editions of Visual Studio.

  • It is a myth that it is only available from C++. Here is a screenshot from Visual Studio 2010 Professional, showing the QuickWatch in use for an ASP.NET C# project:

    enter image description here

  • It is a myth that the key can be manually bound in Express editions. The command Debug.QuickWatch, while available in for-pay versions of Visual Studio:

    enter image description here

    is not available in Express editions (tested in 2008, 2010, 2012):

    enter image description here

  • it is a myth that pressing Shift+F9 will make the QuickWatch window appear in Express editions

  • it is a myth that selecting

    2010 Express: Tools -> Import and Export settings -> Reset All settings
    2012 Express: Tools -> Settings -> Reset

    will restore the ability to have a QuickWatch in Express editions.

From MSDN: How to: Use the QuickWatch Dialog Box

Visual Studio Edition  Visual Basic  C#   C++  J#
=====================  ============  ===  ===  ===
Express                No            No   No   No
Standard               No            No   No   No
Pro/Team               Yes           Yes  Yes  Yes

Some users might, therefore, wonder why QuickWatch is useful. Why not simply add the variable or expression to the Watch window? Well, you could do that, but suppose you simply want to do a quick scratch calculation involving one or more variables? You don't want to clutter up the Watch window with such calculations. That's where QuickWatch comes in.

Another nice feature of the QuickWatch dialog box is the fact that it's resizable. If you want to look at the members of a large object, it's often easier to expand and look at the tree QuickWatch than it is in the Watch, Locals, or Autos window.

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In Visual Studio Express 2010 the QuickWatch dialog is available only for C++, any other language does not support that feature.

See this topic on MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cyzbs7s2.aspx

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The Quick Watch feature should be available even in express SKUs of Visual Studio. What's likely happening is the particular menu isn't visible by default for some reason in the current profile. You can verify this is the case by doing the following while debugging

  • View -> Other Windows -> Command Window
  • Debug.QuickWatch theExpression

The Debug.QuickWatch command will directly invoke the quick watch feature. It will act exactly as if you'd type theExpression into the quick watch window.

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This is incorrect, at least for VS2013 Express. Not only that QuickWatch is not available in VS2013 Express, I don't even see Command Window in View > Other Windows. –  dotNET Nov 30 '13 at 11:39

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