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I'm refactoring some view code into a helper method, and I'm wondering if I can simplify it further.

# In the view...

<%= navigation_link params[:controller], 'accounts', account_path %>

# ApplicationHelper

def navigation_link(controller_name, page_name, path_name)
  if controller_name == page_name
    content_tag :li, "#{page_name.capitalize.singularize}", :class => 'current'
    content_tag :li, link_to("#{page_name.capitalize.singularize}", path_name)

Passing the string 'accounts' along with the route helper method name account_path seems redundant.

Do I really need to pass in the third argument path_name, or can I generate that in the navigation_link helper with the string I pass in as the second argument?

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I guess your helper is already a part of Rails. It's called link_to_unless_current (clickable)


<li><%= link_to_unless_current("Home", { :action => "index" }) %></li>
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Not exactly what I was asking, but that's a pretty nifty helper and gets me 80% there. Is there any way to pass a conditional class name, so that I can style my current <li> elements different from the others? – Bob. May 7 '12 at 15:35
@Bob, you can pass in a block to this method where you can specify how the element should be rendered if it is not current. class is one of the html options, of course. – Salil May 8 '12 at 5:20
I can swear that there was author's comment that he managed it with styling li and additional style for li a. This should work. – jdoe May 8 '12 at 5:29
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The solution is to use Object#send.

# The view simplifies to this...

<%= navigation_link params[:controller], 'accounts' %>

# ...and the ApplicationHelper becomes...

def navigation_link(controller_name, page_name)
  if controller_name == page_name
    content_tag :li, "#{page_name.capitalize.singularize}", :class => 'current'
    content_tag :li, link_to("#{page_name.capitalize.singularize}", send("#{page_name.singularize}_path")
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