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I'm looking for a way to find the name of the Windows default printer using unmanaged C++ (found plenty of .NET examples, but no success unmanaged). Thanks.

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The following works great for printing with the win32api from C++

char szPrinterName[255];
unsigned long lPrinterNameLength;
GetDefaultPrinter( szPrinterName, &lPrinterNameLength );
HDC hPrinterDC;
hPrinterDC = CreateDC("WINSPOOL\0", szPrinterName, NULL, NULL);

In the future instead of googling "unmanaged" try googling "win32 /subject/" or "win32 api /subject/"

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sometimes there is no default printer selected and in this case you will get 0 for printernamelength –  KPexEA Sep 19 '08 at 19:46

How to retrieve and set the default printer in Windows:


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GetDefaultPrinter (MSDN) ought to do the trick. That will get you the name to pass to CreateDC for printing.

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Here is how to get a list of current printers and the default one if there is one set as the default.

Also note: getting zero for the default printer name length is valid if the user has no printers or has not set one as default.

Also being able to handle long printer names should be supported so calling GetDefaultPrinter with NULL as a buffer pointer first will return the name length and then you can allocate a name buffer big enough to hold the name.

DWORD numprinters;
DWORD defprinter=0;
DWORD				dwSizeNeeded=0;
DWORD				dwItem;
LPPRINTER_INFO_2	printerinfo = NULL;

// Get buffer size

EnumPrinters ( PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL | PRINTER_ENUM_CONNECTIONS , NULL, 2, NULL, 0, &dwSizeNeeded, &numprinters );

// allocate memory
//printerinfo = (LPPRINTER_INFO_2)HeapAlloc ( GetProcessHeap (), HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY, dwSizeNeeded );
printerinfo = (LPPRINTER_INFO_2)new char[dwSizeNeeded];

if ( EnumPrinters ( PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL | PRINTER_ENUM_CONNECTIONS,		// what to enumerate
		    NULL,			// printer name (NULL for all)
		    2,				// level
		    (LPBYTE)printerinfo,		// buffer
		    dwSizeNeeded,		// size of buffer
		    &dwSizeNeeded,		// returns size
		    &numprinters			// return num. items
		  ) == 0 )

	DWORD size=0;	

	// Get the size of the default printer name.
	GetDefaultPrinter(NULL, &size);
	   // Allocate a buffer large enough to hold the printer name.
		TCHAR* buffer = new TCHAR[size];

		  // Get the printer name.
		GetDefaultPrinter(buffer, &size);

		for ( dwItem = 0; dwItem < numprinters; dwItem++ )
		delete buffer;
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Unmanaged C++ doesn't exist (and managed C++ is now C++/CLI), if you are referring to C++, using unmanaged as a tag is just sad...

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Unmanaged/native code C++ still exists in VS2008 and I believe in VS2010. I'm not sure if the Express versions have it though. –  Chris Bennet Feb 28 '11 at 19:50

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