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In Scala, if I define a simple @org.hibernate.annotations.CollectionOfElements, it does not work.

And somehow I cannot specify something like @CollectionOfElements(targetElement = xyz.class) in scala. It vomits on typing ".class".

Anyone know how I can get any of the CollectionOfElements family of annotations to work in scala? I just want something simple like the following to work:

@org.hibernate.annotations.CollectionOfElements (targetElement = Long.class)
var updatedQuestions : java.util.List[Long] = _

BTW I posted this on How to create custom query for CollectionOfElements, but realized that that probably was not a Scala related thread. My issue is specific to using this in Scala. I dont have any issue in using this in standard Java.

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Have you tried the following?

@org.hibernate.annotations.CollectionOfElements (targetElement = classOf[Long])
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