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i have a simple menu control here is the code

<asp:menu id="mainMenu" runat="server" orientation="Horizontal" maximumdynamicdisplaylevels="0" skiplinktext="    " staticdisplaylevels="2" cssclass="menua" staticselectedstyle-forecolor="DarkBlue" staticselectedstyle-font-underline="true" onmenuitemclick="mainMenu_MenuItemClick">
     <asp:MenuItem Text="Management" Value="mTabManagement"  NavigateUrl="TabManagement.aspx">
         <asp:MenuItem  Text="Auditing" Value="mAuditing" NavigateUrl=""></asp:MenuItem>
         <asp:MenuItem Text="Billing" Value="mBilling" NavigateUrl=""></asp:MenuItem>
         <asp:MenuItem Text="Reporting/Services" Value="mServices" NavigateUrl=""></asp:MenuItem>
     <asp:MenuItem Text="Payment Plan)" Value="mPayment" NavigateUrl="PaymentPlan.aspx"></asp:MenuItem>
     <asp:MenuItem Text="Advocate" Value="mTabAdvocate" NavigateUrl="TabAdvocate.aspx"></asp:MenuItem>
     <asp:MenuItem Text="Pay" Value="mPay" NavigateUrl="HowItWorks.aspx"></asp:MenuItem>
     <asp:MenuItem Text="Parking Ticket Protection" Value="mProtection" NavigateUrl="Security.aspx"></asp:MenuItem>   

how can i make

 <asp:MenuItem Text="Management" Value="mTabManagement"/>

work like dropdownlist

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You can't. It's expecting a collection of menu items - DDL is not a menu item. –  IrishChieftain May 7 '12 at 15:11
Are you asking how to make it expand? –  James Johnson May 7 '12 at 15:16
can you suggest anything besides javascript and jquery –  skhurams May 7 '12 at 15:17
yea i wanna know how to display like dropdown –  skhurams May 7 '12 at 15:24

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