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I have the following function call

    setVal("' + key + ',' + addressid + '")

Note how I am trying to pass in 2 values, key and address id.

I have the actual function as below:

    function setVal(key, addressid) {


when I check the value of key in the SetVal function, I get key = the value of hcpkey + ',' + addressid.

The value of addressid is undefined although it does have a value. Am I doing something wronge in how I am passing the value?

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Why on earth would you write that? –  SLaks May 7 '12 at 15:33
You're passing in only 1 parameter, a string delimited by your double-quotes. –  Jonathan M May 7 '12 at 15:34

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Get rid of all those quotes.

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You call the function with one big string: "' + key + ',' + addressid + '")

You should call it like this:

setVal("First Value", "Second Value");

If those are variables, leave the quotes:

setVal(key, addressid);
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You are passing a single argument; a string with the value ' + key + ',' + addressid + '

Unless you're trying to do something I've not picked up on, you just want this:

setVal(key, addressid)
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You should simply call your function like this:

setVal(key, addressid);
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Do not use quotes where you don't need them:

setVal(key, addressid);

You want variables (or rather their values) and not the variable names.

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yes, you need to pass them separately:

setVal(key, addressid);
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Call the function like this:

setVal(key, addressid);
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