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I have a multimedia file block in Simulink, and I'm using it to play out of my speakers. It's working fine, but I'm wondering if there's a way to extract the signal in MATLAB using get_param or something similar. I want to plot the entire signal on a GUI, so I need to have the entire signal before I play it.

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I've done a bit of Matlab (well GNU Octave) and I know it's possible to call an external program and even use streams. Perhaps SOund eXchange will help? link – Jason Morgan May 7 '12 at 15:56

Can you connect your multimedia block to a 'To File' or a 'To Workspace' block? That would save the signal to a file that you could later load in, or directly to a workspace variable. You could then plot it, or incorporate it into your GUI, within MATLAB.

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I ended up using a dsp.AudioFileReader to read my song. Not even bothering with the from Multimedia File, because I don't know how to get the entire signal from that quickly (it outputs at the sampling rate, I wanted to plot the signal before playing the song).

I created a while loop and stepped through the dsp.AudioFileReader quickly enough and then played my song through the multimedia block.

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