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I have a large amount of cURL requests to process. There are a couple libraries I've found to help process them parallel, the main ones are RollingCurl ( http://code.google.com/p/rolling-curl/ ) and Parallel Curl ( https://github.com/petewarden/ParallelCurl ).

Does anyone have experience with these libraries, and if so do you know which one performs better?


UPDATE: For anyone who may stumble upon this later, if you're using Rolling Curl's group functionality it seems to break when handling a large number of requests (50k+)

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Performance is not the issue since they are both wrapping standard but functionality

  • RollingCurl support group process which you can also achieve with simple array

  • Parallel Curl i slight ans straight froward .. with optional custom curl options

  • They Both Support callback

Both are nice it depends on your need .....

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Great, thanks for the answer. I've implemented the project using Rolling Curl for now; it's doing everything I needed it too. As long as there shouldn't be any performance differences I won't bother with Parallel Curl. – Jordan N May 7 '12 at 17:14

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