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i need to use the animate property for a less than usual activity. i am new at jquery so i dont know if this thing works right out of the box for jquery but lets see.

	$('#Zoom').toggle(function() {

the above function zooms into an image by removing the height constraint and displays the image its entire resolution. can i somehow make this transition animate?

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But you need to know the height of picture at full resolution to pass to call to animate. you may try passing 100% like this:


More about jquery animation can be found here.

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Yes just simple do:

$('#zoom').animate({'height' : '100%'},600)

That will work.

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as TheVillageIdiot says, but little bit different syntax:

$("your_image_selector").animate({"height": "100%"}, 400);

hope it helps.

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PS> 400 is duration in miliseconds... – Sinan Jul 7 '09 at 22:34

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