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Is it possible to have a multiple polymorphic association? I explain better:

  1. I have different kind of users: simple_user, society, collaborator, admin, and they are different in db fields and authorization through application.
  2. Every users can request for something
  3. A request can be for different services: traduction, consultance etc

I was thinking about one table for each service: Traduction, consultance in which:

has_one :request, :as => requestable

then just one table Request in which:

belongs_to :requestable, :polymorphic => true

but then is it possible to add another polymorphic association towards user tables? How can I handle this relationship better? Thanks for any advice

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Yes you can define multiple polymorphic associations. They'll all use their own database columns.

Create two columns user_type and user_id in your requests table and define this association :

belongs_to :user, :polymorphic => true

Then you should be able to assign a Collaborator to a Request :

Request.create!(:user => Collaborator.first)
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