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I've been trying to monitor my worker role using IntelliTrace, particularly during times when we've been subjecting to high load.

When I try to download the logs using Visual Studio, I get:

Failed to open IntelliTrace log. Error message: System error.

Other times, when the log file has been downloaded another error is produced: The operation could not be completed.

I've downloaded, IntelliTraceReader and while debugging, it pointed out that there's a problem with the logfile itself, declaring:

An item with the same key has already been added

I saw a post on SO pointing out that this may be a known issue, however, I'm not sure how to work around it. Any further recommendations than that?

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I would suggest creating a case with Microsoft Support:


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This is not supported action and actually conflicting the EULA of Visual Studio. I don't think you will get any different answer from MSFT.

Here is a quote from the EULA:

The IntelliTrace DDA and/or IntelliTrace.exe cannot be used:

  • On a device or server in a production environment.

  • For purposes of system or application monitoring.

  • In non-interactive scenarios other than as part of an automated test or debugging-data collection session.

And the full EULA is here.

I suggest that you better intrument your application to closely monitor it. Or use any of the available on the market performance monitoring apps. Such as NewRelic, AzureWatch and others.

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