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For an exam question, I am looking at the various ways in which a servlet can make a connection to a database connection. So far I have

  1. JDBC
  2. ODBC
  3. Database Pooling

But the question asks for 4, and I cannot seem to find the 4th alternative. Does it actually exist?

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I suspect you might want to look at the Java Persistence API. Go Google JPA.

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I would add JNDI lookup and connecting directly using DriverManager. And what is database pooling? Do you mean connection pooling?

On the other hand if they are asking about high-level technologies: -> -> -> .

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A servlet can't really use ODBC it might be able to use a JDBC via ODBC driver, but the servlet sees only ODBC.

Similarly Connection Pooling just pools JDBC connections. The connections are just made via JDBC.

Since the expected answer is 4 they might be asking for the 4 types of JDBC drivers

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