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I have a PHP file that create an array of class with array_push and I need to convert this array to JSON format. The array is created perfect but when I try to encode to JSON the value returned is an array of empty elements.

the code of php:

$return = array();

if($_GET['action'] == 'loadImg'){
    $id = $_GET['idAct'];
    $class = $var->selectActById($id);
    $list = $class->getImatgesAct();
    for($i = 0; $i < sizeof($list);$i++){
        $class = $var->findimatge($list[$i]->getIdBibl());
        array_push($return, $class);
echo json_encode($return,true);

The value returned by JSON is:




the var_dump:

  0 => 
  private 'idimatge' => string '1' (length=1)
  private 'nomimatge' => string 'hydra' (length=5)
  private 'urlimatge' => string 'biblioimg/2012-05-06-23-19-17.jpg' (length=33)
  1 => 
  private 'idimatge' => string '2' (length=1)
  private 'nomimatge' => string 'pen' (length=3)
  private 'urlimatge' => string 'biblioimg/2012-05-06-23-19-36.jpg' (length=33)

The class definition:

class imatgeclass{

private $idimatge, $nomimatge, $urlimatge;

public function setData($idimatge,$nomimatge,$urlimatge){
    $this->idimatge = $idimatge;
    $this->nomimatge = $nomimatge;
    $this->urlimatge = $urlimatge;      
public function getIdImatge(){
    return $this->idimatge;
public function setIdImatge($idimatge){
    $this->idimatge = $idimatge;
public function getNomImatge(){
    return $this->nomimatge;
public function setNomImatge($nomimatge){
    $this->nomimatge = $nomimatge;
public function geturlimatge(){
    return $this->urlimatge;
public function setUrlImatge($urlimatge){
    $this->urlimatge = $urlimatge;
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What does var_dump($return); output? – Paulpro May 7 '12 at 17:23
is the value of $class an object? If so make sure the properties of the object are public - json_encode does not access private properties. EDIT - to clarify - json_encode can access private properties but only if run from a method within the class. – TheOx May 7 '12 at 17:23
What does $var->findimatge($list[$i]->getIdBibl()) output? It is overwriting the previous value of $class – Michael Berkowski May 7 '12 at 17:24
yes, it's for create the array. I modified the code tring to found the solution. – Frab Lopez May 7 '12 at 17:28
@PaulP.R.O. var_dump($return); shows all the array created, and all the values that is shown are correct. – Frab Lopez May 7 '12 at 17:30
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Your object properties are all private - they need to be public in order to be accessible to json_encode. Or you need to call json_encode from within an object method.

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@TheOnyx Thank you very much, I made a mistake with the private, thank you now it works. – Frab Lopez May 7 '12 at 17:45

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