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I need help to unistall xcode 4.3.2

I tried in terminal

sudo Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

but error, please help

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Starting with Xcode4.3, just drag the app to the trash to uninstall.

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As of Xcode 4.3 I believe (it's recent), Xcode is no longer in /Developer but is now a regular app in OS X ... so to uninstall it, just delete the /Applications/Xcode directory.

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  1. it is true that XCode is now just an ordinary app. You do not need to use a command line tool to cleanly remove it.

  2. Consider using "Clean My Mac" (or s similar tool) to uninstall XCode."Clean my Mac" has a feature "uninstall applications" - it does a fantastic job absolutely assuring that you find everything related to an application you want to get rid of, including little running processes, preference files, etc etc.

I have found this incredibly useful. It allows you to get rid of EVERYTHING associated with an installation. It is great for getting rid of bloat-installations.

  1. Consider thus -- open "Launchpad" on your Mac, and then treat it like an iPad. Find the XCode icon. Hold down on the icon for 4 seconds. You can hit the small x-delete control that appears on the icon.
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The best way to uninstall an Application from Mac is that use "Clean My Mac"

Simply open Clean My Mac, Go to Uninstall Application tab and then drag and drop your application icon to it. Your application will uninstall completely from your Mac.

Clean My Mac, Uninstall Applications tab

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