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Can anyone provide a pointer to an updated tutorial/example of setting up custom file associations on iOS using Xcode 4.3?

I've seen the following (including Brad Larson's excellent answer), but the handling of Info.plist in Xcode 4.3 is significantly different than any description I've seen:

I tried reviewing Apple's documentation, but "Document Interaction Programming Topics for iOS" was updated in Nov-2010.

None of the examples I can find discuss configuring it in the way Xcode 4.3 handles them - which includes separate "Document Type", "Exported UTIs", "Imported UTIs", and "URL Types" sections under the target/Build Info and includes different key names (e.g. "Description" vs. "UTTypeDescription")

Any pointers are helpful, a working Xcode 4.3 example would be fantastic.

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You can still edit the info.plist file directly. Just follow the same procedure you would have used in older versions of Xcode, I think. The only thing that's different in the new Xcode is that there's a new summary section, which may be confusing you. Ignore it. – samson May 8 '12 at 3:59

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Based on suggestions by @samson but I wanted to capture this answer for future searchers.

Find the info.plist in the Project Navigator. Mine was under a "Supporting Files" group prepended by the application name (e.g. MyApp-Info.plist). Right-click and "Open As > Property List".

Then by entering the described sections as follows I was able to be passed a fileURL from Mail: Document TypesExported Type UTIs

I should note a couple things for the record:

  • I did NOT put document icons for my file type, but it would be strongly encouraged to do so.
  • The property editor will try to auto-complete the names of properties, so it really gives you quite a bit more guidance than is apparent.
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