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I'm trying to match string such as: "+99", "-82", "5", "auto" and "max" ==auto and max and numbers(lets say integers) with or without sign

I tried regex


but it fails on "at least n times but not more than m" thing, in my case {0,1} Anyway I tested var='ab{0,1}' and var='ab{2}' and these don't work neither

I didn't get any furher but I thing that the next problem could by these: ()

I'm using #!/bin/bash version 4.2.24(1)

Thanks in advance!

edit1: I don't know how to group this regex for ? to be working as Karoly Horvath suggested. I'm using this check function I found somewhere.



function isNumeric() { 

    check=`echo $1 | sed "s/\($2\)//"`

    if [ -z ${check} ]; then
        return 0
        return 1

isNumeric "$1" "$INTEGER_MAX" && echo "passed"

edit2 - SOLVED

it's working with


tested on

[[ $string =~ $pattern ]] && echo "passed"


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you haven't told us how do you use the regex.. different commands expect different regex syntax. – Karoly Horvath May 7 '12 at 17:43
Are you using the Bash regex matching operator [[ $string =~ $pattern ]] or grep or what? – Dennis Williamson May 7 '12 at 19:36
Why don't you replace the complicated looking function with something like if [[ $1 =~ ^[+-]?[0-9]+$ ]] || [[ $1 =~ ^max$ ]] || [[ $1 =~ ^auto$ ]] – RedBaron May 8 '12 at 15:52
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The [+|-] selector accepts one character which is either + | or -. You probably meant: [+-].

The shorthand for {0,1} is ?, and [0-9][0-9]* is simply [0-9]+, but of course both should work.

Anyway I tested var='ab{0,1}' and var='ab{2}' and these don't work neither

ab{0,1} means either a or ab, quantifiers work on the last expression, which is typically a character, or a selector, if you want to apply the quantifier for an expression you have to group it.

If you have further questions please post how you use the regex, cause I'm not sure what your problem is...

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