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I have the following code (similar to this):

$(Auditorium.CometService).on('', function(event, data){
    $('#feedback').text(data.msg).show('pulsate', {
        speed: 250

The problem is that for every "" event, #feedback pulsates X times (default is 5) and sometimes there are 5 bids in 2 seconds, so it queues the animation and pulsates 25 times. I need to forget about the queue of animations. If many '' events are fired in a second, should be animated only once (pulsate 5 times only). How can I achieve this?

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Using the stop method.

$(Auditorium.CometService).on('', function(event, data){
    $('#feedback').text(data.msg).stop(true).show('pulsate', {
        speed: 250

Update: Added the true parameter to the stop() method that makes it remove queued animations for the element (and thus, behave as requested by the question).

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