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i want to post products to amazon to category of "SportsMemorabilia", using the mws product feed.

i looked over the documentation, it is hard to understand, i also download the xsd to see the xml structure but still it dosent working.

for this xml is sent (it is only the category part, i also sending all other elements of the product xml..)


it give me this error

<ResultDescription>XML Parsing Error at Line 104, Column 26: cvc-complex-type.2.4.b: The content of element 'SportsMemorabilia' is not complete. One of '{AuthenticatedBy}' is expected.</ResultDescription> 

please, write to me how the xml should look like in order it to work,

thank you.

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As per the current version, this is the minimum XML that should pass the published XSD. It doesn't mean it'll work, as functionality built in the service may do additional validation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Sample XML generated by QTAssistant (http://www.paschidev.com) -->

To access the services you need to have an account setup; you have to also fill in the other two elements, at least.

I would strongly suggest you to walk through the document posted here... At least the minimum above should get you over XSD validation errors.

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Hi, thank you very much for your answer, i try what you wrote and i get this error <Result> <MessageID>1</MessageID> <ResultCode>Error</ResultCode> <ResultMessageCode>8060</ResultMessageCode> <ResultDescription>The Product with SKU [mx_190218932015] cannot be matched to an existing product for the following reason: (authenticated_by,graded_by is/are not provided; ). For more details, see sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/errorcode/8060</…; <AdditionalInfo> <SKU>mx_190218932015</SKU> </AdditionalInfo> </Result> –  Yan May 8 '12 at 23:36

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