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I am a beginner in writing makefiles. I have a makefile something like this:

PATH1 = /ref

LINK = gcc

INCLUDES += -I/PATH1/inc \
        -I/$(PATH1)/abc/inc/ \

all: src_file

run: src_file

    $(CC) $(INCLUDES) -MM  /ref/abcd.c -o $@ 

    rm -f *.o src_file

If I do a make, I get the error:

linker input file unused because linking not done.

I read some similar posts in stackoverflow but couldn't get a solution. Could anybody please let me know what's wrong with my makefile? Thanks in advance.

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The culprit is the preprocessor option -MM. From gcc pre-processor options,


Instead of outputting the result of preprocessing, output a rule suitable for make describing the dependencies of the main source file. The preprocessor outputs one make rule containing the object file name for that source file, a colon, and the names of all the included files, including those coming from -include or -imacros command line options.

Passing -M to the driver implies -E, and suppresses warnings with an implicit -w.


Like -M but do not mention header files that are found in system header directories, nor header files that are included, directly or indirectly, from such a header.

So effectively you are just preprocessing and hence no compilation and no linking and the resultant error.

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Thank you Pavan for the reply. That makes sense. Thanks for the link, will go through the various options. –  user1255365 May 7 '12 at 18:22

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