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When I try to compile my erlang script I keep getting this error:

(master@WN7-18TL6M1.amer.dell.com)15> c(distribute).
distribute.erl:55: syntax error before:
distribute.erl:42: function get_completed/3 undefined

Here is my source:

get_completed(Current, Index, Count) ->
        length(Current) >= Index ->
            {Count, length(Current)};
        true ->
                lists:nth(Index, Current) == 'timeout' ->
                    get_completed(Current, Index+1, Count);
                true ->
                    get_completed(Current, Index+1, Count+1)

Line 55 is the last end

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is your previous function definition ended properly with a .? –  evil otto May 7 '12 at 18:02

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You need to end the function with a period after the last end.

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