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I am looking to add a simple text based trivia type game within an app I already have built for a Business. We would like to get more user interaction in the app. Further, I would like to have high scores...etc display in the app.

Creating a web serice and MySQL database would be simply enough to capture scores and query to top score. However, Is there soemthing like a free game API or something that would make this a lot easier than creating a game from scratch? I have seen some really complex game api's, but I am not trying to make an entire app. Just add a simple trivia game inside my app.

Any suggestions? Comments?

What would be the easiest way to go about this?

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Radical Breeze's Illumination Software Creator has a tutorial on building a text-based game with their program. Illumination is a visual development environment like App Inventor.

If you don't want to go through the tutorial, I believe you can just download the code for the game. The program comes in a free download version. Illumination generates full source code for a number of platforms, including Android, though I think you may have to pay for mobile platform code generation. (Payment is "choose your own price".)

All generated code is "native". I.e., no special API.

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