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using Visual.Web.Developer.2010.Express;
using SQL.Server.Management.Studio.2008.R2;
using Northwind;

N00b here,

Trying to customize a gridview, and I'm stuck at this part...

In the ItemTemplate, I've got a text-box that has a class applied to it where on .keypress(Clientside JS), a asp:LinkButton appears next to it that's formatted like a Jquery UI icon. I'm stuck at this part. I know that I can "enable editing" for the gridview, but I want to make an edit button only appear on .keypress, which I’ve already achieved. The park I’m stuck at is trying to get the click of that asp:LinkButton to send an update command to the SQLserver to update that db entry accordingly . So far, I’ve got the textbox to be created dynamically for each db item in that column.
Is there a more practical way of doing this while achieving the same results? To be more specific, I'm not really looking for code, cause I'm trying to learn, but more for methods I should take a look at, or other tutorials that I missed on the web.
enter image description here
I would also appreciate some advice, thanks in advance: )

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You can try using GridView_RowCommand event to fetch the Command event bubbled by Linkbutton.

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You can use CommandName Property of the LinkButton and set it to Update.

                        <asp:linkbutton ID="Button1" text="TextBox1" runat="server" CommandName="Update" />
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