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I'm trying to make Twitter's Bootstrap API (http://bootstrap.opalang.org/) work in Opa by trying some features, and there is one that refuse to work : the WB.grid system. More precisely, the parser report a syntax error when I try to do that :

    grid_basic = (WBootstrap.Grid.row([
        {span=8 offset=none content=<>foo</>},
        {span=8 offset=none content=<>bar</>}

(that is, a simple row with two cells)

Here's the error string :

            grid_basic = (WBootstrap.Grid.row([
                    {-->span=8 offset=none content=<>foo</>},
                    {span=8 offset=none content=<>bar</>}

            Hint: File "test1.opa", line 9, characters 4-10, (9:4-9:10 | 158-164),
            found a binding as condition. Did you mean `==' rather than `=' ?

After a while I just copy pasted the whole code of a sample page (http://bootstrap.opalang.org/html/src/container_app.opa.html), and it failed on the "grid" line too. I tried both the new and old parser. Is there something I'm doing wrong ?

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http://bootstrap.opalang.org is written with and for the old syntax.

Moreover, it uses Bootstrap 1.4.0 widgets, wich are outdated (stdlib.widgets.deprecated.bootstrap).

So you can use opa --parser classic, or transform the code into js-like syntax : {name1:value1, name2:value2, ...etc...} (see manual)

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What is the latest version of Bootstrap for Opa, then ? –  Timst May 7 '12 at 19:56
Nevermind, checked the API. I guess there isn't up-to-date samples anywhere, then ? –  Timst May 7 '12 at 20:18
I don't think the Opa wrapper of bootstrap is up-to-date. I just use bootstrap the "old-fashioned" way with Opa, and that's what I'd recommend. The old-fashioned way is to include the bootstrap css in your opa project, then make use of bootstrap classes the way you would in ordinary html. –  o-town May 8 '12 at 0:22
The update version og WBootstrap is here : doc.opalang.org/module/stdlib.widgets.bootstrap/WBootstrap. It should work with import stdlib.themes.bootstrap –  Fred May 8 '12 at 12:12

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