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In my global.asax.vb I have a rule like so:

RouteTable.Routes.MapPageRoute("defaultRoute", "{*value}", "~/default.aspx")

So, if someone enters:

Even though that page doesn't exist, the application pulls up default.aspx

Now, if this wasn't using a wildcard it would be easy to pull this value in on default.aspx like so:

Dim prospect as String = Page.RouteData.Values("value")

But this doesn't seem to work with wildcards, e.g.:

Dim prospect as String = Page.RouteData.Values("*value")

How can I get the page to pick up these variable values? e.g. one time might be janedoe, another johndoe, another goose, another 12345, etc. Whatever it is, I want it to be returned into the string prospect.

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The answer to this question ended up being exceedingly much so I feel a little dumb (except for the fact that no one else answered the question :)):

In my case all I needed to do was change my code to the following:

Dim prospect as String = Page.RouteData.Values("value")

In other words, I removed the wildcard character from the value name.

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